It can be said that every major sport in the world is something that can be gambled on. Basketball might be one of the most sports that people like to gamble on because there are a lot of options available. Sports betting has also been made easier with creation of online sports betting websites which has a lot of bonuses for the players. Nevertheless, below are top 3 historical bets made for basketball.

NBA Winning Streak

The entire week of NBA scoreboard was accurately estimated by an unknown Australian. This guy converted $5 Australian dollars into a massive $220,000. In the first week, Philadelphia started a huge 88-80 victory over Washington however the win over the Detroit Pistons by New York Knicks, that was the real deal for this man. An improbable win saw a 15-point deficit fight back from the Knicks to win a twice overtime game to end an 8-point losing race. Without the Knicks’ contribution, the payout would drop from $220,000 to $21,500.

Haralabos Voulgaris

There was a guy in 2000 which is Haralabos “Bob” Voulgaris had just $70,000 USD in life. 5 years later, he took the unusual step of placing his entire life savings on the Los Angeles Lakers to win that season’s championship. He is not afraid even though the Lakers were terrible previous years. After six months of waiting, however, the Lakers won and earned his first US$ 500,000. He is the most popular NBA sports player in history and is capable of winning with over 70%. Instead he started to bet millions of dollars. Armed with this deep understanding of the sport and numbers, Voulgaris has stopped, and now runs his own sports betting shop.

University Team

It is not just about professional basketball, universities matches also were bet with high wager. Take this anonymous Connecticut fan who gambled $90,000 USD on his favorite team which is the UConn Huskies to beat the heavily backed Villanova Wildcats in that year’s tournament. His luck strikes when the Huskies have won. However he decided not to cash out but to ride his luck for a little longer. Instead he proceeded to resume the ticket worth $230,000 and roll on to another matchup against Iowa State, where, once again, the Huskies were the underdogs. Just like before, UConn upset the odds and became the winners, gaining one fan with a total of almost half a million.