Are you looking for a top web hosting company in Malaysia that can help you with your new WordPress blog? Well, there are quite a lot of hosting providers and plans available, so make sure to do comprehensive research first before finalizing a deal with a company. 

Two of the main types of web hosting for websites are shared hosting and managed hosting–both fulfilling business needs in their own unique ways. Just like any other system, they both have their own pros and cons. 

Shared Hosting

In this type of setup, your website would be placed on a server that is operated and owned by a website hosting provider. This means that you are sharing the resources with several other websites. 

If another website under that server gets a sudden spike in traffic, then the resources would be reallocated in order to handle additional visitors. The result? Your website loading speed may slow down. It has an advantage, though. Shared hosting is a lot cheaper compared to other hosting plans. Thus, it works well with personal bloggers and businesses who are just starting out. 

Managed WordPress Hosting

If you want your website to be a stable source of income soon, you may want to invest in managed WordPress hosting. Below are its advantages:

  • Higher Uptime and Speed. Since your server would only be handling WordPress websites, you can expect it to be properly optimized especially for that system. This means that your pages would run a lot faster compared to a shared system. Moreover, several managed systems provide 99.9% uptime. 
  • Improved Support. WordPress optimization always comes with great customer support. You can depend on WordPress expects to analyze and then solve your problems in no time. 
  • Automatic Updates and Backups. Choosing managed hosting means taking plenty of mundane, regular jobs off your plate. You no longer need to run updates and backups on your website–everything would be handled by your hosting provider. This is important since it will keep your website safe and secure. 
  • Better Security. Security is always a concern in website management. With a managed hosting setup, you can depend on the provider for regular malware and virus scans, as well as overall improved security standards.