Vegan and Vegetarian Pregnancies

Pregnancy is all about taking care of your baby, and of course, yourself. Buying lots of baby clothes in Malaysia can be fun and time consuming, but never forget about yourself. 

Focus on a healthy pregnancy diet. When it comes to a healthy diet when pregnant, try exploring a vegan or vegetarian diet. It would give you all the nutrients for a healthy pregnancy, and great for nurturing the child inside your tummy. 

Don’t know where to start your healthy routine? Research on easy-to-prepare meals with easy-to-find ingredients.

What to eat when you’re pregnant?

A healthy pregnancy must be an extension of your regular healthy diet. 

Avoid unhealthy food products.

If your regular diet has always been based on dairy, meat and junk food, now is the time to make a change–for your sakes. 

Consume a varied diet.

The key to a healthy pregnancy is eating vast range of food items, from whole grains and vegetables, to fruits, nuts and seeds. 

What are the food items you must avoid? 

Milk, cheese, meat and eggs are high in cholesterol. Avoid all of these as much as possible. 

Time to learn how to cook!

There are lots of ingredients to creative, adventurous cooking. With spices, herbs, stock cubes, soya sauce, creamed coconut and other flavorings, you can come up with a wonderful traditional and exotic dishes.