Here is an interesting thought: are problems with ejaculation an issue of mind over matter?
According to a sex therapist, Dr. Ian Kerner, he said that if both the man and woman are satisfied, it doesn’t really matter.

That is why he always tells men to go with foreplay first and let their woman get satisfied at this stage before sexual intercourse.

This way, if the man is indeed suffering from premature ejaculation, their partners would have still been satisfied nonetheless.

However, there are some people who really want sex to last long- especially during intercourse. To these people, they treat sex as a marathon and not a spring.

So, how do you overcome your ejaculation problems? Here are some tips:

Overcoming Premature Ejaculation-

This is by far the most common complaint about ejaculation problems out there. This is characterized by the man’s inability to last longer than two minutes after sexual intercourse.

Thankfully, this condition is highly treatable and there a number of ways you can go about it. For instance, you can try masturbating just an hour or two before sex as this will help you somehow dampen the sensation that you feel during intercourse. Perhaps doing the squeeze method will help as well. In some instances, if premature ejaculation cannot be controlled by physical means, then getting some medications can. You might be prescribed with an antidepressant that will help dampen some of your sensations, thus allowing you to last longer.

Delayed Ejaculation-

Although not as common as premature ejaculation (as it only affects 3% of the male population), it can still be a problem nonetheless. One effective way to treat delayed ejaculation is just to have a lot of sex. The sensation, especially when it is experienced a couple of times, will help men come off at a time that is appropriate for both you and your partner.

Retrograde Ejaculation-

This is rare and it is characterized by the semen pushing inward rather than outward. The semen can just be flushed out by urination, so do not worry too much about it. It would be best that you consult with your doctor if you experience this, though this condition is not at all too common.

Masturbation can help men who suffer from PE and DE. For PE sufferers, it can help them take advantage of the refractory period, which is a short timespan where the sensation that they feel on their penis will somehow be dampened.

It can also help DE sufferers because all they really need is some extra stimulation as well and perhaps, doing it themselves could provide enough of that.

Also, the foods that you eat can greatly impact your overall health, as well as your sexual performance.

Eating foods like red meats, bananas, strawberries, watermelon, honey, chili peppers, and so much more can really help.

All in all, all of the ejaculation problems that I’ve stated above are treatable- either through lifestyle changes or medications. So, if you do suffer from one of them, do not worry; it can be fixed.