Shopping for high-quality baby car seats and baby travelling bags in Malaysia is not easy. For your child to be safe when riding a car, you need to pick the best one for her. Here are some rules that can help you select the best baby car seat for your little one. 

  1. Kids under 4 years must not travel at the seat of the vehicle with more than 2 rows of seats. 
  2. Kids aged between 4 and 7 years old are not allowed to sit at the front. 
  3. It’s dangerous and illegal to carry an infant in a rear-facing seat at the front part of the car with an active airbag. Moreover, forward-facing car seats in the same exact position are not ideal for toddlers. It’s better to always use the back seat. 
  4. Kids under 6 months old must be seated in a well-adjusted and fastened rearward-facing kid restraint. Before the child is moved at the safety seat, they must be able to control their head and sit.
  5. Kids aged 4 years to under 7 years must be seated I a forward-facing child restraint with a reliable inbuilt harness, or a quality booster seat

Child safety seat

Always utilize a car seat that is right for your kid’s weight and height. See to it that the seat is well-fitted in the car, and that your toddler or infant is securely strapped. A badly fitting car seat offers less protection, in case of a crash.

Keep the same exact booster seat or child restraint until your kid reaches the maximum shoulder height limit.

Buying Second-hand booster seats and child restraints

As much as possible, don’t buy a second-hand baby car seat. You’ll never know if it’s already damaged, or if the parts are incomplete. Moreover, it might not fit in your vehicle properly.

If you are really on a tight budget, just check the following:

  • It is not over 10 years old
  • All the car seat’s parts and the instruction manual are included
  • Inquire about its history, condition and age
  • It is approved by industry standards

Don’t use or accept a booster seat or restraint with:

  • Straps which are damaged or worn
  • A buckle that fails to work smoothly
  • Been in a crash, even if there are no obvious damages
  • Cracks, splits or big stress marks